Having difficulties conceiving is one of the most stressful events one can experience. It is all too easy to let it take over your life and feel the disappointment sting month after month.

It is really clear that our mind affects our body. One example that many people have experienced is “white coat hypertension” when people have raised blood pressure because they stress about what the results are going to show. If you give them a bit of time to calm down, the blood pressure returns to the usual value for this person.

Many studies have shown that this effect of people’s mindset also applies to the likelihood of pregnancy both for natural conception and assisted conception.

Research has shown that the state of our mind has an enormous impact on our body and our performance. A study published in 2011 showed that the rate of success of IVF treatment was improved (52% versus 20%) for women involved in a mind/body program such as hypnosis (see my research section for more studies).


So, if you think about it, a woman who is experiencing so much stress is not in a good position to get pregnant. Her body is probably working against pregnancy, “too much stress to start a pregnancy this month, we’ll see if it’s better next month”.


Learning to relax and hope, accept that sometimes it doesn’t happen immediately makes so much of a difference.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help you by helping your unconscious change your mind and body connection, helping increase the likelihood of conception either naturally or with the help of specialist treatment.

By working on limiting beliefs, anxiety, harmful thoughts or behaviours, your fertility improves and so does the chances of pregnancy. The effects work for both male and female fertility issues.

After an initial consultation, I design a specific program for you, involving face to face work, and a recording (of about 10 minutes) for you to listen to every day (preferably in the evening). When going through fertility treatment, I would design and provide you with different recordings according to the stage you are at.

The result is that both your mind and body move towards being in the best possible state to welcome pregnancy.