Most women (or couples) attend a course of 4 sessions in preparation for the birth, but even one session would have an impact. The aim is to prepare you to feel calm and in control before, during and after the birth. By coming on the course, you learn:

  • self hypnosis to help you reach a calm state during the birth
  • personalised visualisations to help throughout the labour and birth
  • a range of pain control techniques leading to relaxation and an easier birth for both mother and baby
  • to remain positive throughout the birth

Partners are welcome to attend and would learn how to protect the environment for birth, and how their behaviour during labour can facilitate the process.

You might both be surprised at how much your attitude towards the birth has changed by the end of the course and how you can look forward to the birth in a much more relaxed and positive way than before.

Birth is a very natural process. It is usually our brain that gets in the way of it. By coming on the course, you learn to give the control back to the body of the woman birthing. She then behaves in a way that is helping the birth and helping the baby.